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Quality and cutting technique

Invest-Tech Sp.z.o.o offers high quality products. Invest-Tech has extensive experience in choosing the best producers who offer the best quality of products, according to customers’ requirements.

The products offered by Invest-Tech come from the leading producers from around the world. All of the materials come with test certificates and most of the producers are ISO certified.

We are a reliable ISO certificated partner.  Our high quality standards are well-recognized by certifications such as  ISO 9001:2008 – DNV;  EN ISO 9001-2008 – UDT;  PN-EN 3834-2-2007 – UDT;   PED 97/23/EC – UDT.

The quality of our products is controlled by Quality Machine CONTURA® G2 RDS CAA, a CNC measuring machine, which coordinates measuring with rotated angular sensor and scanning ability. The measuring scope is 700x1000x700, sensor precision 0,2μm and set of probes with diameters 0,8mm to 3mm.


Stainless steel plasma cut elements with FineFocus technology plasma cutters :

  • Ideally perpendicular face of cutting
  • No further machining required after cutting
  • High dimensional accuracy of the cut elements

 Mechanical cutting of hollow bars and round bars also on offer.

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